Angles and Lines

The more I get into photography the more I notice things around me.

At first glance the first picture is just a simple alleyway with some guard poles.  When I think about it for a photo I began to see the lines and the contradiction between the lines and the circular columns. I begin to imagine different ways to take the shot.

The second photo is an old brick building but I did not want to take it straight on I wanted to see it from a different point of view.

Finally I like the contradiction between the 2 buildings besides old and new.  The tall building the lines are well-defined bu the second on has more curves.  To me they are opposites.

I welcome your thoughts and opinions on how you shoot or determine what you will shoot.

Edits done with SnapSeed on Samsung Note 4

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Thoughts and opinions welcome!

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  1. I’m more like you and always taking my time to think before i take a picture, i keep trying to get the same result as i have imagined, not always works but most of the times close enough.

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    • And that is one of the frustrating and exciting things aout photography. My mind sees one thing but the camera sees another. But when they are on the same page it is wonderful!.


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