No Side Street Sunday Post

Normally on Sundays I would post my Side Street Sunday pictures but today I stayed home. My grandson Arai did not want to go to the sitters, he wanted to be with Mom-mom, so I relented and agreed that he can stay with me.

My grandson is a handful (in a good way most of the time) so I knew that it would be challenging if we went out on an adventure and on top of that it was not a really great day for pictures.  I opted to stay in watching Dora the explorer and Team Umizoomi just to name a couple of the children’s shows that I had the pleasure of viewing.

Between his million and one questions and singing along with Dora,  I managed to go thru some old pictures and do minor edits in SnapSeed to make several post.

I stopped by this ranch about 2 years ago and the owners were generous and allowed me to take a few pictures.  These are only 3 of the horses that they had. As soon as I started to walk to the fence they came to introduce themselves to me.  Over time I have forgotten their names so for this post I have renamed them…..Espresso, Butterscotch and Octavius





Butterscotch & Octavius 



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  1. I like the names you chose for the horses in your photographs. I’d have loved to have gone riding today—-it was gorgeous outside—-a PERFECT RIDE DAY (No Bugs! and warm). Butterscotch reminds me of my old trail-mate, Magi. I’m sure you’ve seen some of my posts on him. If not I’ll leave a link.:)

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  2. Thank you Marcy. Yes did see some of the post about him. Or weather up here was very blah and grey.

    I guess you can tell by 2 of the names was a little bit hungry. I have always liked the Greek names that is why choose Octavius.


  3. Beautiful photos! There’s something so pure and unreserved in a horse’s eyes. They never lie.

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