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Side Street Sunday (5)

Today I ventured just outside  Philadelphia, PA for my Side Street Sunday.  

On Lincoln Drive there is a park that I have always wanted to explore, Wissahickon Valley Park.  The hiking trail in the park is slightly more than 5 miles and today I walked at least 2 miles (my legs will be hurting tomorrow).

What always caught my eye with this park is the massive bridge.  The official name of the bridge is Wissahickon Memorial Bridge but it is more commonly known as the Henry Avenue Bridge.  

Looking up some of the history it says that the bridge had 24 hour police patrol to make sure hat no one committed suicide.  According to a newspaper clipping the women were not allowed to cross the bridge alone. They had to ride in the side car of the police motorcycle.

I was not able to get a good shot of the bridge, here are the arches and the columns.

While in the park I noticed that there are a lot of trees that seem to be growing out of the rocks (boulders).

And finally here is the Wissahickon Creek.


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My Afternoon with LJ

After my Side Street Sunday drive (to be posted later today) I stopped to see my grand-nephew LJ. He is down from the city to visit his grandfather.  

Although he lives in the city he is truly a country boy at heart.  He loved being my muse for afternoon.

I love to see kids playing in the leaves and he also loved being able to throwing them around.


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WP Photo Challenge: Angular (2)

My second entry into this weeks WP Photo Challenge.





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