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WP Photo Challenge: Achievement

This was a difficult challenge for me because I have not measured or even tracked any of my recent achievements.

Then I realized that my taste buds are changing and they want a bit more simulation then the usual drinks had to offer.

My drinks of choice where generally Bacardi Rum and coke or Bacardi Limon and sprite. It even included the occasional shot of Jose Cuervos.





As I have “matured”, I have moved towards martinis and wines.  My favorite red wine so far is Stella Rosa.

This is only found out west so I have not had the pleasure of drinking it in a few years.  I can’t even have it shipped to New Jersey.


This is an excellent wine. I am not big on red wines but this is nothing like your typical red wine.

I also like some of the wines from one of the local wineries here,  Tomasello. They have a wonderful selection to choose from.

One of my favorites is their cranberry wine.



I consider this an achievement because I never considered drinking wine when I was younger, thought it was for old folks. One day I decided to try it (with some coaching from my cousin).

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(Stella Rosa picture from BevMo site)

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