What’s an Orpel?

I had the pleasure of meeting Olivia and Oscar the other day, they are Orpels. Orpels are little orange beings that like to have fun. 

They love to visit other bloggers photographs so they can explore the world and learn new things.  But most importantly they like to meet  new people.  

I had the pleasure of hosting Olivia and Oscar for a visit the other day. They played hide-and-seek in one of my pictures from Copper River Park.


If you give permission they will travel thru your pictures for a nice day trip of exploring and playing.  (You will be given credit for the photo and a link to your page.)


You can also get a badge for hosting the Orpels.

Drop their guardian Marcy a comment if you would like the Orpels to visit. 


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  1. Robin, thank you for introducing the Orples through your blog. Olivia, especially, loves the attention, but Oscar and I are no less grateful to you for taking the time to let your followers know how much we love making friends. We will see in Orpleland, soon. 🙂

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