The Fantasy is Over

Two days ago I posted that I was happy to have 70 degree weather in November. Well folks the fantasy is over, as we have our first snow here in New Jersey. 


The weather folks said that it would be a rain and snow mix,  which it was then it turned to just snow.  And it is sticking to the ground and cars!




I guess Mother Nature said it was time.

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  1. Wasn’t it you and me who were talking about those 70 degree temps… yesterday, was it? My, my, how things change. Ha,ha, that’s the title to one of my chapters in Brides . Book 1. also.— I guess If the shoe fits— 🙂 Stay warm.

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  2. I didn’t mean to take your page with that link, Robin. I’m sorry.—Boy Amazon knows what they’re doing, don’t they? I circled back because I couldn’t remember if I’d left a link or not. 🙂 Evidently I did.

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  3. Yes we were just talking about the 70 degree temps and how you still had tomatoes growing. You stay warm too!

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  4. No snow here, but our temps are dipping down into the teens.

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  5. Yes, Mother Nature is on track even if we aren’t. Snow mix here right now. 🙂

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  6. You call that snow? The Upper Peninsula of Michigan got 2 to 3 feet this past week. Lol. Fortunately, only trace amounts here in Detroit.

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    • Lol yes Tom but only for the fact that it is still November and we have “snow” already. It is also gone already.

      I would never wish to live in Michigan as I would never want to leave my house.


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