Baby or not?

I found these tiny pinecones on my Side Street Sunday drive yesterday when I ventured to Barclay Farms.

I have never see them so small and I believe they are fully mature.



You can see the enormous difference between the two. This little one is just a fraction of the size.


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  1. Poor little fellow in the final photograph. He made me think of Dr. Suess, in his book, “Have You Seen My Mother?”. Of course, some of us no longer think like real people. That’s what happens when you hang around with orples all day. 🙂 Old age doesn’t help. LOL

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  2. Lol we are not old. The Orpels allow you to think outside the box. We all could use an Orpel or two in our lives. I do not remember that book by Dr. Seuss. It does look like the pinecone in back of the little one could be the long lost mother. Lol


  3. They look like roses – I think you need to try a wreath or candle ring with them. 🙂

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  4. Awe, thnx for the pine cones! I think you’d said you were not fond of them, but they are a favorite of mine! And not only in The Season. These are adorable!

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  5. You are correct I am not especially found of them until I found these little guys which I found fascinating and of course adorable. I don’t recall ever seeing them this small. I believe they are mature pinecones.


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