Side Street Sunday (3) continued

More pictures from my Side Street Sunday (3).

This was a good day inspite the fact that I lost the glasses that I just purchased on Saturday and of course no insurance covers lost glasses.

I imagine that these will be some of the last pictures of the changing colors of the leaves as fall is almost over and winter will soon be upon us.




As always thanks for visiting.


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  1. The shots take me back to my trail riding days on Magi. In the event you don’t know who Magi is, I’ll leave a link, although I have little stories about him sprinkled throughout my blog. This is a good introduction link, though, if you’re interested. 🙂

    I miss riding this time of year most, I think. The colors are simply breathtaking, and you seem to have captured them beautifully, Robin.

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    • Riding seems as if it would be so relaxing and rewarding. I used to go to Assateague Island every summer when we vacationed in Ocean City MD. I would love to watch the horses although everyone else hated to go to a beach where the horses had been earlier that day.

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