Side Street Sunday (3)

Today for my Side Street Sunday ride I decided to venture in the neighboring town of Cherry Hill into a housing development called Barclay Farms.

I have driven past this street daily for a complete years when I worked in the area but I never had a need to go down this particular street.

Once in the housing development I discover that this is a historic community.  There is a historic farm-house that made the national registry back in 1978.  It also includes a park with a walking trail that is about 3/4 of a mile in length.

They even have a community garden.  Most of the plants in the garden were dying for the coming winter months but there were still a few blooming plants.








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  1. A lot of our old historical farms here, in Virginia, have been subdivided and turned into subdivisions. It’s rather to sad to see some or the beautiful landscapes turned into housing developments. When I visit some of the Historical sights around here, I always wonder what life might have been like a couple of hundred years ago. In 2010, I was lucky enough to have done kitchen renovations for the owners, in the basement of ‘Shirley Plantation’. That area is used by Charles Carter and closed off to uninvited guests and tourists. I included a link, in the event that you’re interested. 😉


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