WP Photo Challenge: Minimalist


I took this photo while on vacation in Outer Banks,  NC (OBX), back in August of this year.

On one of my drives to nowhere,  I came across this little beach by one of the bridges that connect the island.

While exploding the area I came across these flip flops.   Some young lady (assuming) left then on the beach.

I belive that they are a good representation of this week’s theme, Minimalist

As always thanks for visiting and all comments welcome!


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  1. So glad you described the day Robin, as I’d otherwise have thought you planted the ff’s to create the scene, which is perfect!

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  2. Super cool shot, Robin. If those flippers were red, they would look like little hearts popping up out of the sand. Don’t you think? The orples may have found a new toy. Who knows? LOL. Thanks for the share. 😉

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  3. Thanks Marcy. I do agree that the straps look like heart. Maybe Olivia and Oscar can do a little sun bathing.


  4. The photo may be minimalistic but it lets your mind imagine where the owner of the shoes went. 🙂

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    • A whole story could be made from this one picture. I would like to challenge someone to write a paragraph or two on how these flip flops come to be here with no owner in sight.


  5. I always wonder how someone could forget shoes of any kind. But I wonder more when I see a single shoe.


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  6. Lovely! One pair for two hearts, i love this idea!

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