Side Street Sunday (2)

Side Street Sunday

Today for my Side Street Sunday post I decided to go to a well know park here in Camden County, Cooper River Park.  Instead of taking the usual route, I decided to take a side street that I have never ventured on.  

As a result of trying something new I ended up at a different end of the park that I have never seen before.  This is a nice and relaxing area.  Not many people were there like it usually is at the other end of the park.

Number 2 & 6 are also my entries for the WP Photo Challenge: Descend.  Click here to see my first entry into this weeks challenge.


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  1. Some excellent photos here. I especially like the one on the left with reflections in the water, and so nicely framed. Thanks for sharing!

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  2. Robin, these photos make my heart sing. I do love the outdoors, and the sunshine: Basically, the wonders of nature, and I see you manage to freeze the moment beautifully. Thank you for sharing these lovely shots. I look forward to snooping through, as time allows, to review some of your other posts. There are so many beautiful things to see, and so little time to enjoy the view(s). But I can certainly enjoy the views that I do see. So, again, thank you for sharing. 🙂

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    • Thank you Marcy your words are music to my ears. I love to photograph nature


      • It relaxes by allowing me peace of mind. Please continue to browse around at my other post and I hope none disappoints.
        If you see something that the orpales would like just let me know.


      • Me too! And, Olivia and I like to play in other people’s photographs as well. For an example, come see me, and check out my post ‘What in the World’. Would you mind if I take a screen print of a photo here and there from your blog, and insert the orples? If I use your stuff, of course, I’ll give you credit and link back to the source of the photo. I think it would be a fun way to connect with old friends and make new ones along the way. I might compile my posts into an ‘Orples in Photographs’ coffee table book, which I would apply ‘hard copy’ credit to, providing whatever contact and/or copyright information a participant might like to share with the outside world. Right now, a book is ‘an idea’ floating around in my imagination, but I wanted to mention it so as not to step on any toes if/and/or when a book does come to fruition. What say you?


        • I do not mind at all. I would actually LOVE it!!!! I was actually going to ask you that then doubt entered my mind and I didn’t. If you want the actual image file to use let me know and I can email it to you.

          I don’t know if you read “My Soul” yet but I am working on a book now about a part of my journey and how photography saved a piece of my Soul. It will feature my photography.

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          • Right now, my computer’s hard drive is struggling to hold more info, and screenshots take less space than photographs, so for the time being, I’ll go that route. But one day! I’ll upgrade, then watch out. LOL. Okay Robin, keep your eyes out, you might have orples snooping around soon. And thanks for sharing.;)

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