Back to the drawing board

Tonight the moon looked so inviting and it called me out on a challenge.  I accepted the challenge and did not fare so well.  actually I failed.   But that is the only way to improve ones skills and knowledge.

I need to pull out my notes from the photography course that I took earlier this spring and try it again hopefully tomorrow if te moon is up for another challenge.

Click here for a picture of the moon that I previously took and posted to WP Photo Challenge: Nighttime.  It also could be a bit better but is pretty good for a first time capture.


Show me your pictures of the moon by adding your link in the comments.


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  1. Did you use a tripod? If you did use a tripod, did you remember to turn off image stabilization? Also, were you using auto-focus?

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    • Yes I did Timothy. I had tripod, set on manual. I think the stabilization was on. I believe one of the issues was that the area I was in had to much light.

      Wish you lived closed to Jersey so that I could hire you for lessons!


  2. There are no failures. Just lessons. (smile) Love, Amy

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