Thru the Berries

Taking pictures has opened my eyes to a lot of things.  One thing in particular is trying to see more than what is in front of my face.  I began composing pictures in my head.  Thinking of how I could photograph a subject or looking for more than the obvious view.

This picture is an example of my process.  While sitting in my car I notice this tree with berries on it and I began to think of how I can see more than just berries on a tree.

So I when I looked at this tree a little closer I noticed a bug.  Not wanting to get too close and spook the bug by having it land on me because that would not be a great shot from any perspective.

The softness of the blue sky and cotton looking clouds peaking thru the branches made a great contrast from of the harshness of the red berries.

Thru the Berries

Final Shot – Thru the Berries

2nd Shot

2nd Shot

1st Shot

1st Shot

This was taken on my cell phone, Samsung Note III.


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