WP Photo Challenge: Endurance

Here is my entry for this weeks Photo Challenge.

I was taking pictures for my nephews wedding and of course it was  running late.  I noticed this little butterfly fluttering around and started taking his pictures.  As I processed the images I noticed that his wings are not perfect and thought that it would make a perfect entry for the Endurance Challenge.

Both of his wings are tattered.  What has he endured? Where has he been?

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  1. Definitely looks as though he (or is it a she?) has endured a lot indeed. Interesting photos and I like your take on the challenge (great story as well). Thanks for sharing.

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    • I apologize for the delay Gale. I thought that I responded earlier today. THANK YOU very much. These WP challenges have made me start to look at my images differently and to imagine a different meaning then he obvious one.

      And yes it is quite possibly a “she” butterfly…LOL


  2. goodness, that poor thing has been through a lot, but still going and enjoying the flowers….great subject matter for Endurance!

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