WP Photo Challenge: Adventure


While vacationing on OBX island (Outer Banks,  North Carolina) it was always an adventure to get up each morning with my father at 5:45 am and walk the beach with his other 2 children,  Bojangels and Ebony to watch the sun rise

Most of the time I sat and took hundreds of pictures.


Another venture that interest me is working on post processing of the pictures that I have taken. 

Below are two versions of the above picture that I edited on my phone using Snapseed. 



The 2nd picture is edited with HDR effects and the 3rd one is converted to black and white with HDR effects.

Which do you prefer?

As always thank you for visiting and your comments. 

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  1. nice processing…I like the HDR since the textures and colours of the sand really show up.

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  2. I love the middle photo with the HDR effects. The sky, surf, and sand are amazing. 🙂

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  3. I love the middle one. the colours are fab 😉

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  4. I have to agree…the HDR is my preference. Give a clearer delineation of the surf and the beach. My kind of adventure!

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  5. I prefer the black and white version 🙂

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  6. I love the middle one. Great detail.

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  7. The light effects of the middle photo appeal most to me. Love the reflections of sunrise in the footprints on the sand. Hope you’re well, Robin. After today, I’ll have time to become a prompt follower again 😉 WG

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  8. Thank youWG. The middle one is definitely getting the most votes. And I like it to.


  9. Loved the HDR best, it brings out all the colours and textures.

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  10. I like the first one most. All the others lack of nice evening ambience. The darks are too bright – too much detail.

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