Abstract Art

Trying something new….Abstact Art.

You Tube is an excellent place to learn new things.  I saw this video and decided that I would give it a try.

Your opinion is welcome.

 Oil & Water - Color

Oil & Water – Color

 Oil & Water - Black & White

Oil & Water – Black & White

Click here to see other ideas for oil & water photography.



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  1. That is fun! Well done!

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    • It was fun and I learned somethig new. I had to use several different shirts to get the right affect.


      • I’m going to give it a go. I followed your link and watched some of the YouTube videos. Very helpful. I’m a very green photography novice but I love time with my camera and it’s fun to learn new techniques. Thank you!


        • No thanks necessary glad I could show you something new.

          I am still very green myself. Had a dslr for years and just starting to learn how to get out of auto.

          I will be looking forward to seeing your work.


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