Abstract Art (2)

Another suggestion on You Tube was to use water, oil & food coloring.  So here goes my first attempt.

I like the where this is going but I definitely need to learn more about my camera (shutter speed and aperture) and at some point I need to invest in a better macro lenses.

As always your opinions and suggestions are welcome.



Red & Blue food coloring dropping thru oil

Edit with Snapseed

Edit with Snapseed

 Same image converted to B&W

Same image converted to B&W



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  1. Looks great. I wonder if you could do a long exposure as the food coloring drops and flash the glass from the side a couple of times with a flash on low power during the exposure to freeze the drops in clear focus at a couple of points on their way down (you would have to have a flash with a test button or remote to manually trigger the flash). The trails should look silky from the long portion of the exposure with sharp interludes at the flash points. It would take a bit of experimenting with the long exposure and placement and power of the flash to get results (the flash can easily white out your exposure), but it might produce some interesting results if it’s possible to got it right.

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  2. Thanks for your help…I need to put my glasses on when reading fine print. There is a test button but now my bateries have died. LOl it is one of those days.


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