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Abstract Art (2)

Another suggestion on You Tube was to use water, oil & food coloring.  So here goes my first attempt.

I like the where this is going but I definitely need to learn more about my camera (shutter speed and aperture) and at some point I need to invest in a better macro lenses.

As always your opinions and suggestions are welcome.



Red & Blue food coloring dropping thru oil

Edit with Snapseed

Edit with Snapseed

 Same image converted to B&W

Same image converted to B&W



Abstract Art

Trying something new….Abstact Art.

You Tube is an excellent place to learn new things.  I saw this video and decided that I would give it a try.

Your opinion is welcome.

 Oil & Water - Color

Oil & Water – Color

 Oil & Water - Black & White

Oil & Water – Black & White

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