Contrast….Another Storm Is A Brewing

This weeks Photo Challenge is Contrast

As I make my way home from work this evenings the sky

starts to do some major changes.  Half of the sky is clear and the rest is

gray andabout to let loose on us down here on the ground.

It seem that we are being starting to get hit by Hurricane Arthur.








Lucky of us we only got a few sprinkles.



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  1. I find it amazing that you only got a few sprinkles because the sky looked super angry. Glad you are safe! Here’s my much less dramatic take on the challenge – enjoy!

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    • Thank you. My town only got a few sprinkles but some of the neighboring towns got hit harder some trees were even brought down.

      I look at your take on “Contrast” and I like it very much. You showed the difference in the clothing styles from one country to another and the contrast between the younger woman and her older self.


  2. Enjoyed your article. The foreboding dark skies preceding a storm has always jangled my nerves even as an adult. We lived on Lake St Clair and the summer storms were especially unnerving. Thanks for sharing.


    • Thank you Gerry for reading (just noticed my typos).
      I too do not like storms. Especially when the sky seems to change so dramatically in a very short period of time.


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