A storm is a brewing

Trying to work with shutter speed to catch some lightning in this storm that just start this evening.

But it is still a work in progress.


~A storm is brewing~


~Some lightning behind the clouds~

~Before the rain trying to catch some lightning ~

~Before the rain comes ~


~The rain and hail have arrived!~


~A Flash of lightning~


~The storm has moved on to the next town~




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  1. To photograph lighting:
    1) set your camera on a tripod
    2) turn off all image stabilization
    3) set your shutter speed to B (bulb)
    4) get the camera focused on the area the lighting is flashing
    5) set the aperture on your lens to ƒ/16 or higher
    6) hold the shutter open until you get a flash of lighting or two and then release the shutter
    7) check your exposure and adjust lens aperture as needed.
    8) repeat step 6

    Lighting is like a flash. You use a small aperture so there is little exposure until the lighting flashes and exposes the photo.

    You can see my results from the above method here: http://photoofthedayetc.com/2013/07/28/the-blog-before-the-storm/


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