MY First!!

As I look thru fellow bloggers photos I see the changes that they have made to some of their photos and  I always say “I want to do that”. Most of them say that they are self-taught and use You Tube as their classroom.  I was impressed with Mike’s pics at BrooklynbyStander the other day and decided that it is time to try.

Although it is a simple change I did it.  I completed for my first sky change.  I am excited!!! I still have tons to learn but the hardest thing was to take the first step and just try.

I learned something new and it was not difficult at all.

Let me know your thoughts.

New Sky

New Sky


Original Photo

Clip Art

Clip Art

Resources: You Tube  – 42technoman


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  1. Now I’ll have to learn it too! 😉


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