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First real snow

Today is the 1st real snow for this winter here in New Jersey.  Per the weather forecast we were suppose to only get a dusting.  But needless to say the forecast was once again incorrect.  In this day and age with all the technology the weather report is still a guessing game to a degree.

I love snow the first day when it is still white and not been touched by man.  By the second day I wish it would melt away.


 This is the view from my balcony window about an hour and half after the snow began.


This is the amount of snow that we received in that hour and a half.  


  An hour later the snow has nearly tripled.


The snow has finally stopped.  It looks so calm outside.



Unresolved resolutions/goals

Lately I have been reflecting on what I accomplished in the past year.  In retrospect it feels like I have not moved an inch in either direction, no worse and no better. I took a look at the last post I made on 12/31/12 which was a DP Challenge on what we wanted to achieve in the coming year.  This post is already an indication that I have slipped since nearly 12 months have past and I have not made a single blog.

Reading my last post made me realize that I have continued to repeat old habits.  All of the goals that are posted, were very attainable.  But again I became my worst enemy and did not follow thru.

“……The first change that I am making today is that I will not be my worst enemy any longer.

The second change that I will be making is to set real goals to become a professional landscape/nature photographer.

  1. I will begin by completing some classes that I previously started
  2. Contacting local photographers to see about apprenticeships they may offer
  3. Actively setting goals of taking pictures each and every weekend
  4. Sell some photos online
  5. Solicit critique on work so that I can truly improve and get one step closer to my goal
  6. Stop finding something negative in each picture
  7. Accept a compliment

The third change is to learn to forgive.  I believe some of the fears that I have are because I am holding past issues.  It is my belief that once I forgive those who I feel wronged me in some way, most of my self-doubt and inability to move forward in/with life will be gone.  I have been stagnant for quite a few years it is well past the time for me to blossom again……..”

I will be 48 years old in 17 days and it is time to make life altering changes.  I have begun to take charge of what I do. For the coming year I am not going to make any grand resolutions or list many things to change.  My main goal and focus will be to move forward without becoming stagnant  and comfortable where I am.  Yes there is a final reward in mind and I will set mini goals or  make a game plan to measure my growth and ultimately be where I want to be.


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