This week’s DPChallenge is to make a New Year’s Resolution that we will actually work on completing, “…blog some resolutions that matter….”

I usually make the same common resolutions that others make like to stop smoking, lose 20 pounds, take a trip etc., and of course, I failed at them miserable each year and every year.

This DPChallenge makes me think on some of the things that I have started in the past and because of self-doubt I did not complete or more to the point just stopped trying.  Thinking about this makes me feel a little melancholy.  There was no reason for me to stop other than my self-doubt.  In an earlier post (My Deepest Fear) I touched on this a bit about how I am my worst enemy.

This DPChallenge is making me take another close look in the mirror and do some real self-assessments and see where in my life I need to make some real changes.

The first change that I am making today is that I will not be my worst enemy any longer.

The second change that I will be making is to set real goals to become a professional landscape/nature photographer.

  1. I will begin by completing some classes that I previously started
  2. Contacting local photographers to see about apprenticeships they may offer
  3. Actively setting goals of taking pictures each and every weekend
  4. Sell some photos online
  5. Solicit critique on work so that I can truly improve and get one step closer to my goal
  6. Stop finding something negative in each picture
  7. Accept a compliment

The third change is to learn to forgive.  I believe some of the fears that I have are because I am holding past issues.  It is my belief that once I forgive those who I feel wronged me in some way, most of my self-doubt and inability to move forward in/with life will be gone.  I have been stagnant for quite a few years it is well past the time for me to blossom again.

One of the things that I did some time ago was to make a book, Reflections for my Soul.  I started this in 2010 and finally published it in 2011.  It is a print on demand book from BLURB.  This is one of the things that I started but did not finish.  Once I saw the finished product I should have researched traditional printing companies and see what happens.  I should have taken a chance.  Enough looking back.  I am moving forward…..

I previously posted the pictures below and now I am asking for some constructive critique.  Please tell me what you like or do not like and what you think I could have done to make it better.


Purple Tulips

Check out the challenge yourself and see what you can do that resolutions you can make that would matter most in your life and the lives of your family.

Writing Challenge: New Year’s Resolutions (Doompocalypse Redux)

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  1. I am also my own worst enemy! Let us both change that in the new year! – I love your tulips. In the other photo I wish one of the blossoms were even more isolated. Much light and beauty to you in the new year!


    • We will have to touch based with one another to make sure we continue to move forward and not get stuck in self doubt. Thank you for the critique. I will play with the picture and see if I can capture it the way you suggested.


  2. Thank you for the link.


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