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Kill Devil Hills, NC

Where is the sun?? Going to the beach for vacation you expect to have sun darn near every day.  But while on vacation in Kill Devil Hills my vacation week was anything but sunny.  Quite to the contrary it was rainy or had the treat of rain any minute almost every day.

In the mornings I would take a stroll on the beach with my father and his 2 dogs, Bojangles & Ebony. Saturday (last day of the trip) was the first day that we were able to get a pretty good view of the morning rise.


Finally the sun rise.

I was also able to catch some crabs cleaning the sand out of their tunnels.



Quote of the Day 8/28/12

Life is a sequence of moments and when the sequence is right you have MAGIC.

Chef Irvine-Restaurant Impossible


Don’t expect everyone to understand your journey

especially if they never had to walk your path.


Quote of the Day 8/24/12

Winners are ordinary people with extraordinary hearts…..




Anyone who has never made a mistake, has never tried anything new….




“Until you heal the wounds of your past,

You will continue to bleed.”




Are you a prisoner of the past

or a pioneer of the future?










You have to be willing to lose everything

To gain Self


Kill Devil Hills, NC aka Outer Banks

Our yearly family vacation started Saturday, August 18.   We are headed south to Kill Devil Hills, NC aka Outer Banks (OBX). Thirteen of us left NJ at 5:00 am and began our 400 plus mile ride.  We missed most of the usual traffic jams from vacationers traveling.

Other then being to early and not getting enough sleep, the main focus of my attention to was hitting the beach and getting my well deserved and desperately needed tan.

We arrived in Kill Devil Hills about 2:30pm we hit a nice traffic jam coming it the the Outer Banks area which caused about an hour delay.

The weeks before the vacation began my thoughts were of sitting on the beach and getting a well deserved tan.  Well this trip is the worst trip (weather wise) that we have ever had.  We arrived on a rainy day and it continued to rain or there was the threat of rain everyday until Wednesday.

In the mornings my dad and I would take the dogs, Ebony & Bojangles, to the beach for their morning run and hope that we can get a glimpse of the sun.  Wednesday was the first day that we were able to get a glimpse of the sun rising.

The loved running the beach, in and out of the water.

Dad enjoyed the beach, coffee and his girls.

 Now you see me, now you don’t.  Ebony seemed so happy after that miss calculation.

On Wednesday, 4 days into the vacation, Stuart, Amanda, Keith and myself,  finally got some beach time and it felt great to sit out in the sun and just let it lightly toast our skin. I am not much on getting in the ocean but I love the relaxing sound of the waves crashing in.  It makes you forget about the issues of everything else and imagine the wonders of the ocean.  After the wondering is over I generally use this relaxing time to engross myself in a good book.  It is a perfect time to catch up on some reading.  I am currently reading “Fifty Shades of Gray”.  I will blog about that later.

Amanda was not must of the swimmer as my nephews were but she was going to go out with them (she is dating Stuart).  Well Stuart convinced her to go out with him and needless to say it was a disaster.  Amanda got swallowed up by the big ocean and that was enough for her.

 Stuart puts up the boogie board to try and protect her from the crash of the wave……but it was all in vain.

Where are they?

And she goes down again….

This turned out to be a great day at the beach.  I got a slight tan, and they got some salt water.

Quote of the Day

Don’t wait for the

Perfect Moment

Take the moment and

Make it Perfect.


Power resides where

You believe it resides

-Games of Thornes


For those who Love…..Time is eternity

-David Tutera

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