A Day With Carlito & Caila

Carlito is a fun-loving energetic 8-year-old young man.  He loves his video/computer games.  Sometimes we have to make him go outside and play.  When I have him I restrict the video/computer games and when I do let him play I better not see any blood on the games that he is playing or he knows that it is time to turn the game off.

Caila is also a fun-loving very energetic you lady of 6.  Now she is the opposite of Carlito because she will play the video games but not for long.  She is one of those kids that you can not sit infront of the TV and expect her to sit still and watch a 30 minute show.  

She needs interaction and if you don’t willingly entertain her, she will be your shadow asking all types of questions and of course make you play with her.  Like now while I am trying to write this quick little blog she has taken a ruler and is measuring my arm and needless to say I have to stop to help her measure correctly (I don’t need any extra inches added..LOL).  She is a handful but so very loving.  She is my Caila Baby!

It is a dreary kinda day here in South Jersey but I needed to get my niece and nephew out of the house for a few.  We went to a local park and let them have some fun and blow off some energy. 

 Swinging to see who can go higher..Caila WON!


                                                                                                         Her shirt is correct…DRAMA QUEEN

 We had a fun day together. We went to the park, McDonald’s for lunch, stopped and got ice cream for a snack after dinner.  It was another GOOD DAY!

More post to come on my unwitting subjects…..

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