Versitle Blogger Award

I am pleased and honored to announce that Reflections for My Soul has received  and accepted The versatile Blogger Award.  I Thank You Melanie from Sweet Simple Living for presenting me with this Award. I am now in the company of many inspiring bloggers.

A bit about me.  I have been blogging off and on since May.  Single mother of 4 Grown children and trying to make my own path in life. I use my camera as my vessel to explore my surroundings and see how do I fit in.

Now I understand that to fully accept this award, I must list seven random, quirky facts about myself.  This is a hard one, but here it goes:

  1. I would love to work for National Geographic and travel the world photographing everything and learning new and interesting things on a daily basis.
  2. My cousins Riki makes my favorite cake every year on my Birthday….5 flavored pound cake……mmm….mmm good!
  3. I got my first tattoo at 42.
  4. The volume on the TV or radio always has to be on an even number.
  5. I have never held a job for more than 3 years. Always searching for the ability to create my own destiny.
  6. My two favorite movies are “What Dreams May Come” starring Robin Williams and Cuba Gooding, Jr. and Reign Over Me starring Adam Sandler.
  7. I have a sister who is also named Robin….

The last step in accepting this award is to pass on the honor, so I need your help.  If you write or know of a blog that you feel deserves The Versatile Blogger Award, please submit your nominations in the comments below.  Be sure to include a link to the blog and a brief description of it.  I can’t wait to find the next Versatile Blogger!


About Robin

What do I say about me?

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  1. You are very welcome, Robin!


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