Daily Archives: October 7, 2011

7 Principles of Life – Steve Jobs

I was watching 20/20 this evening and at the end of the show it talked about the philosophy that Steve Jobs lived by.  When I heard them, I realized that it is how we all should live our life and pursue our dreams and desires.  Here are his 7 principles of life as told by 20/20:

  1.  Do what you love…. Don’t Settle!!
  2. Put a dent in the universe….Have a concise vision
  3. Say no to a thousand things.…Reduce the clutter and focus
  4. Do something new….Think differently
  5. Sell dreams not products….Have your audience imagine themselves with your product
  6. Create insanely great experiences…..Create the experience
  7. Master the message….Know the pros and cons inside and out


We will be judged on how well we present our ourselves. So you must do what you like, focus on your dream and keep all the other things that are not in your goals out of your focus.  Try a new way to present yourself,your skills, or your product that will make an experience for audience or customer.  Master your product/skills know it inside and out.

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